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louder than sirens, louder than bells

sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell

19 November 1988
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"Oz, don't you love me?"
"My whole life, I've never loved anything else."

Fruitstyle designs
a hard day's night, alice in wonderland, architecture, art deco, baking, benjamin t. preis, blue hair, bracelets, bret mckenzie, burt's bees, buttons, cats, clementine kruczynski, coldplay, color, cormac mccarthy, crafts, crime shows, criminology, cthulhu, cuddling, dave king, dexter, dexter morgan, dreadlocks, egypt, eli roth, eternal sunshine, eugene hutz, everything is illuminated, faeries, feminism, films, flight of the conchords, flobots, flogging molly, florence + the machine, forensics, foxy shazam!, francesca lia block, glen hansard, gogol bordello, gorillaz, growing up cullen, gypsy punks, h.p. lovecraft, hair dye, hairdye, hank green, harry potter, hemp, hippies, history, honesty, horror films, hot fuzz, howard wolowitz, india, interior design, ireland, irishmen, jason mraz, jemaine clement, jewelry, john green, john lennon, johnny depp, jonathan safran foer, kandi, kebabs, leonard hofstadter, lock & key, lord of the rings, love, loyalty, lungs, makeup, making out, marketa irglova, medieval, meteor showers, modest mouse, moulin rouge, mountain dew, movies, mst3k, music, musicals, mystery science theater 3000, necklaces, nerdfighters, nightwish, not wearing a bra, nuggling, nuzzling, once, painting, penny, pink hair, politics, pro-choice, psychology, purple gel pens, purple hair, quentin tarantino, rainbow hair, rainbows, rajesh koothrappali, recycling, religions, renaissance, rent, rhys darby, rings, ronald reagan the cat, scott pilgrim, sewing, sex, shaun of the dead, sheldon cooper, simon pegg, smashing pumpkins, snuggling, sonata arctica, squooshing, stargazing, start wearing purple, steampunk, stephen king, stephenie meyer, super taranta!, the beatles, the big bang theory, the cleaner, the first 48, the holocaust, truth, twilight, u2, v for vendetta, vampires, weaving, wicked, zombie movies, zombies